International Submissions


        I have worked with authors who live in South Africa, Thailand, Kazakhstan, and other countries worldwide. Wherever you live, I can be your editor. The steps are simple and easy to take:

        You have three ways to get your manuscript to me:

        1. Send your hard copy by courier, such as UPS or FedEx.
        2. Upload your manuscript file to, Office Print Services. The Fedex/Kinko's store in         Sarasota, FL, will print it out, and I will pick it up. You will pay for this service by credit card when you         upload your file.
        3. Send your project to me as an attached file via e-mail.

        If I work on the hard copy of your manuscript and return it to you, you will underwrite its return by adding the amount for transit to my fee. We will include Tracking when selecting the level of transport service.

        If I work on your manuscript online, I will embed my comments but not copyedit. I will need to recalculate my fee to include for the additional time required to work online.

        You have two ways to make your payment:

        1. You can wire the funds into my account. I will send you my bank's routing number and my bank         account number. I will ask you to adjust your payment so it is equivalent to my quoted fee in US         dollars.
        2. You can send me a check written from a US bank.

        My international clients enjoy the same access to me and excellence of service from me as my authors who live in the US.

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