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Merry Christmas, Laurie!

Just a quick note to let you know that Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents refuses to die. Iím still traveling the country doing live shows, based on the book, and earlier this month I published Cool Creatures, Hot Planet on Kindle (the paper back is also availableóin its second printing). Yesterday it reached #1 on Amazon in three Kindle categories: Biological Science, Animals and Wildlife.

I didnít have any experiences with Kindles until I purchased one for myself last month. Now Iím hooked, as I can get the font size to what is best for my eyes and read for much longer without getting tired. Iím sucking down book after book!

--Marty Essen, Montana     

    APCA's #1 Booked College Speaker: November 2008 to January 2010
    Campus Activities Magazine ďHot SpeakerĒ pick for 2011
    Author of Cool Creatures, Hot Planet: Exploring the Seven Continents
    Amazon #1 Best-Seller for Kindle: Wildlife, Animals, and Biological Sciences
    Winner: 2009 Green Book Festival Award for Animals
    Winner: 2007 Benjamin Franklin Award for Travel/Essay
    Winner: National Indie Excellence 2007 Book Award for Travel/Essay
    Winner: Best Books 2006 Book Award for Travel/Essay
    Bronze: ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year Award for Travel/Essay
    Bronze: IPPY Award for Travel/Essay
    Finalist: Nautilus Award for Animals/Nature
    Minneapolis Star-Tribune Top-10 "Green" Book

They just announced the winners for the Readers Favorite Awardsósilver medal! Kind of cool, yay for us! Youíre a part of this win, no question. Thereís a nice feeling knowing that they had the most entries this year, including the big publishing houses and celebrities. So there!

Hope all is well in your world. Mine? What a wild ride. I woke up this morning to a congratulations emailógold medal for The Wicked Passage! Whoa! As always, my gratitude to you is boundless. You helped to get me here. Thank you, thank you, thank you. First draft of volume II is nearly done. I need to get on your schedule. I feel like I should step on a podium and wait for the national anthem to play.

2013 Book Awards
2012 Contest Winners

--Nadine S., Las Vegas      

Laurie Rosin edited my manuscript and once it was completed, found me a top-notch New York agent within a week. He read my project within days of her sending it to Trident Media Group, and a few days after that, we had offers from two top New York publishers. I recommend Laurieís services wholeheartedly.

--Dr. Lena C., Princeton, NJ      

It was kind of an over the top 2012 for me. I received 4 book deals from Wiley in the period of one year. 4! Can you even believe? One comes out this week, then one in March, July and December of 2013. Unreal! All with Wiley.

Anyway, Iíve been pretty overwhelmed. But the phase will be over in August and I just have to hang tight until then.

You had mentioned before putting me on your website, and I told you it was probably too soon. Well, itís a great time now if you would still like to do so. My website is www.drkellyann.com

I donít know if you have any interest in this, but my book Living Paleo for Dummies is coming out, and for the next two weeks Iím having a giveaway. Iím giving away 3 books. The contest is up on my blog www.drannkelly.com/blog

If you think this is something your readers might like, itís a chance for a free book. I am asking folks I know to tweet or Facebook it.

--Kellyann Petrucci, Pennsylvania

I have read your critique completely at least twice and finished reviewing the manuscript with your margin notes.

Although I had high expectations, you have exceeded them. This is beyond editing; this is coaching. By far, reviewing this manuscript with your critique and notes is the best instruction in writing that I have ever experienced. Although most of your technical recommendations were things I knew, I was blind to my own mistakes. The content coaching was invaluable. What seemed like conflict to me was not conflict to the reader. The characters, so well developed in my own mind, remained in my mind and not in the book, where they belonged.

--Dean L.. Jacksonville. FL      

I have carefully read your notes, corrections, and suggestions. This has been a great learning experience. I do not know what will happen to this novel. But one thing is certain: you have made me a better writer. My heartfelt thanks to you for your guidance and your patience in correcting many silly mistakes that should not have been there in the first place.

Laurie, I do not look upon you as a "book editor" (the Western way) but a real teacher, a guru, who has taught me something extremely important. Therefore, I end this mail with a "pranaam" (I bow before you, great teacher), and not just simple thanks.

--Surinder D., Potomac, MD      

The Wicked Passage, by N. M. Singel, which you edited last year, hit #1 on Amazon Kindle Free Downloads last night, while we ran the promotion. I ran it 2 days. The first day, Singel zoomed into the Best Seller List on Kindle in Children's Action/Adventure. Her total downloads in 2 days: 1,821! Totally rocks!

--Tracey Mitchell, Mitchell-Morris Publishing, Inc.      

After having completed reading your critique, I did some serious reflecting. You cannot believe how your 70 pages absorbed my total attention. Were it not for being so late in the day, I would have read it again. I found everything you wrote valuable, relevant, and applicable. It will be the rule stick by which I gauge my second draft.

It confirms I was right in coming to you for professional guidance. I am so glad I made the decision. I think you charge too little. Do not construe this as an offer, but merely an observation!

Thank you, Laurie, really thank you.

--Marc V., Moos, Germany      

Perhaps one of the highest compliments I can give someone is to tell them I trust them. So, Laurie "thebookeditor" Rosin, "I trust you."

--Robert T., Mililani, HI      

I have read your critique several times. I greatly appreciate your candor, objectivity, and highly constructive tone. I knew that this was going to be a great learning moment for me, but your tutoring is like taking a semester-long course in creative writing. Thank you very much for your time and your willingness to help me in every way.

I fully agree with all your suggestions. I am focusing particularly on "framing the scenes" idea. I have redone chapter one. Your approach works much better. At this time, I have no questions for you. I am going to come to you in early September to request another look at the draft. If you liked the book in its current form, you are going to love it after the revisions.

Thanks for being a marvelous coach.

--Jill S., Pasadena, CA      

Iíve read your critique twice. I find it extremely constructive. You have a way of shedding light on what doesnít work in the story that is really impressive. No doubt that you know what youíre doing! For a few portions of the manuscript I had a hunch that things didnít quite work, but I couldnít identify what the problems were. It was great to see them explained to me with such clarity. Donít they say that the solution is already half found when the problem is identified correctly?

I wish to thank you very, very much for the time youíve spent on my manuscript. You obviously read it very carefully and analysed it thoroughly. As you have suggested, I will take some time to digest the information and suggestions youíve given me. Iíve started walking around with a pad to jot down ideas. Iíll let you know how Iím progressing.

Thoreau said: ďGo confidently in the direction of your dreams!Ē I think that with your input I might be able to do just that.

Iím very grateful that our paths have crossed.

--Claudie L. , Candiac (Qc), Canada      

I appreciate your advice, insights, and encouragement. The work is going well and faster than I expected. I feel I am getting the hang of it, and the more I practice, the easier it becomes.

--John, B., Harrisburg, PA      

Again, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the work you've done for me, Laurie. As I explained earlier, I've heard so many horror stories about editors/book doctors that I had some real concerns about working with ANYBODY (Excuse the caps, I am learning!). As I suspected, as in the profession I've been a part of, usually, you get what you paid for. I've also observed that if you do your homework, you can get an awful lot of value for your money. I know I have here.

--Mike B., Bartlett, TN      

Thank you for sending your critique via e-mail. I have finished reading it (the first time around) and found it to be what I had hoped for. I'll follow your advice and lay it aside for a day or two, although I must say, your suggestions had my mind racing at the possibilities you presented. When I mean "racing" I thought of several possible solutions to a problem (at the time you were discussing it) and became excited at the work ahead!

Laurie, your critique was inspiring and very insightful. Reading it, I felt you were in the room and we were discussing my manuscript over coffee (rings, et al) with the pros and cons presented in a straightforward but gentle approach. Several times I laughed aloud as if we shared a private joke. I intend to re-work my manuscript and (as a lyric goes) "keep the best, do the rest."

Your words are motivating and I knew that you would be the right choice for me. You are the diva of editing!

--Best regards, George Z., Buffalo, NY   

I received your critique. You are truly a master at your craft. You dove into my manuscript with ferocity I didn't except. For so long I've revised and revised, wondering why something that may sound so right one moment could sound so wrong a month later. I feel so much better about this story now. I'm so grateful for your feedback and the way you've steered me in the right direction. I have a lot of work to do, but this time will be spent much more constructively. Thank you, Laurie, for being everything I hoped for in an editor. I will take a few weeks to digest everything, and then I'll get back to you.

--Nisaa A., Westbury, NY      

Sacred Seduction is the bestselling novel of Bisi Ojediran, a Nigerian novelist, playwright, and essayist. The novel is based on the adventures of Peter Abel, a 38-year-old Nigerian journalist who is always looking for breaking news for The Zodiac newspaper.

This novel is one the best adventure novels written by an African in Africa, and Bisi Ojediran has two of the best editors in the world editing his books before they are published: Sol Stein, who has also edited the works of James Baldwin, and his literary advisor is Laurie Rosin, editor of 36 US National Bestsellers. Therefore you can read his novels without the headaches of bad English and typographical errors.

--Bisi Ojediran, Nigeria      

I just received the package that is being sent out to literary agents and wanted to thank you for putting it together and, especially, for your letter of recommendation for my manuscript.

Once again I have to say that your work is extremely professional as well as impeccable, and I am so proud to have you backing me as my editor.

--Sibyl E., Boca Raton, FL      

First let me say that I think you did a wonderful job critiquing the manuscript. I've never read a critique so thorough and insightful. It is certainly worth the money, and it's nice to have you on my side. I've been going through the manuscript, making the changes from your notes. I want to say how much I appreciate your extremely detailed read. You're really picky. I mean, really really picky. You're pickier than me, and I thought I was really picky. The changes you suggest not only grammatical but changes related to the internal logic of the story make the story that much stronger. You're really good at what you do.

--Todd S., Oslo, Norway      

My best description of Laurie is professional. She not only untangles the semantics, but dramatically enhances the plot. My first three novels were action/romance. I had already been through an editor and three rewrites before Laurie got it. After her work, they are measurably better (yes, you get what you pay for). She is known by both agents and publishers, which is important in selling your work.

--Lon L., Seattle      

I think Laurie is the best. She’s honest and will tell you like it is. She’s good humored. She has great advice and suggestions. If she recommends a change, she’ll tell you why. She will read and work over your ms, then return it with detailed notes, easy to follow.

She won’t promise you will be published, but my strong feeling is that taking her advice is the best chance you’ll get.

If she thinks your work has potential, she will recommend an associate who will represent you to agents and publishers.

I had some experience with other highly recommended book doctors before I met Laurie. I was awfully disappointed in the poor advice I had received from the first book doctor and totally pleased with Laurie’s work.

You will not be disappointed with Laurie Rosin. She is everything her ad says she is. A very nice lady. I guarantee you will not regret having Laurie work on your manuscript.

--Bill W., Milford. OH      

Have you ever used copper polish? It's a white paste. When you rub it on tarnished copper, the metal shines like it just came out of the kitchens at Versailles. I'm thinking you're literary copper polish. Wow. The shine to my manuscript is blinding.

Hope youíre having a wonderful summer! Iím sureÖbusy as usual.

Phew. What a crazy ride so far. Maybe youíd agree that the publishing industry is wild, weird, and ďsometimesĒ wonderful. I wanted to touch base with you with some quick sound bites. The link above is from the Readers Favorite Awards. YeaÖIím one of the finalists. Theyíll announce the winner in September. The review is listed in the link. I wish there was a place to give credit to the best editor anyone could be lucky enough to know. YepÖgotta give credit where credit is due.

I also went to BEA and made some nice connections. New challenge: Finish book two while trying to promote book one. Iíve got such an ad hoc collection of marketing and promotional outlets, itís hard to keep them all straight. Iím sort of doing all this marketing stuff on the cheap so I guess thatís to be expected. Publicists are north of $3,000.

SoÖjust keep plugging away. I see the advantages of having a series. I already have some built-in readers waiting for the second book. Iím getting some lovely emails from people looking forward to Einstein.

Keep cool!

--Nadine S., Las Vegas      

I know Laurie Rosin. She is a great editor. She will have your project in fine shape. I suggest you craft a submission letter to agents that includes the fact you have worked with her on the editing, as many know Laurie's work.

--T. Myers, Pinole, CA      

I can tell how unpretentious you are about your talent, but, believe me, the economic value of your skills is platinum.

--N. S., Reno, Nevada      

I am delighted to say that through discipline, love of the game, and lack of distractions, I have self-edited my manuscript down from its pudgy 107,000 words to a slim, trim, healthy and happy 94,755 words. I followed your advice in how to identify what was essential and what was not. I gave the reader what he needed, and then I moved on. I am very happy with the outcome. The story is stronger and the pace improved.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you are a very special woman to help me through all this wild adventure.

--Ken S., Alexandria, VA      

I sat down immediately and stayed up all night to read every word of your critique and page notes. You are without a doubt brilliant! I empathize with the difficulty of your job. Iím all too aware that being honest is not always well received, while at the same time kindness is not as useful as some like to think. In short thank you for your bravery as well as your talent.

I have no idea why I thought my book was finished. Itís all too clear to me now that thereís another level of organization I have not attended to. Thank you for laying it out so clearly. Iím confident your expertise was exactly what I needed to move forward in the right direction.

--Melody. B., Salem, Oregon      

Hi, Laurie! You won't remember me, but we worked together on my book project in the late 90's. I put it aside but kept all your letters and the computer files updated and just last month pulled it out again to re-read.

My manuscript was SO bad!! Clearly your editing was the only thing that saved it, but I got a kick out my whiny, self-centered victim of a heroine ... ME, of course. You must have wanted to slap some sense into me ... uh, her, the whole time!

I wanted you to know that I used your wonderful guidance to improve my skills and actually went on to work in Marketing Communications for a few years, and then last year as a contract writer for the real estate industry.

And now I've started a new fiction project and am gleeful at how much better -- and how much more fun! my narrative has become. You really made a difference, thank you!

I blogged about you today: worthbecoming.wordpress.com I also tweeted and posted it on Scribd. Thank you for all your help!

--Molly G., West Virginia      

It was interesting, yesterday, I got to one page of my manuscript that was marked up with lots of highlights, and I started to think "What is she trying to say?" So I pondered and then proceeded to write a lengthy email. I didn't have an Internet connection, so the email stayed idle in the Out Box. Then later in the day I looked through your critique and discovered that you had written the answer to my email inside the critique. In fact it was a major part of the critique with the entire passage in question written verbatim, nicely color coded, dissected, and explained in detail with suggestions and examples. So for me it was sort of a "wow" experience.

--Wilson C., Delaware      

After reading through the guidance you have provided me in this most recent edit it finally occurred to me that "editor" is a bit of a misnomer. You are my coach and collaborator. (Please read the Biography of Maxwell Perkins, editor of Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Wolfe, etc., etc.) I do not want to send my manuscript on to an agent until it is tight and right throughout. This is exactly how a coach will hold a player out of the game until he is ready to compete at the necessary level. Just because I have worked hard on something and feel good about it doesnít mean that it canít be better. I trust your experience and instincts to know whatís best. I thought the new ending had all of the BOP WHAM POW that I could inject into the final chapters of the book. Yet, you see how it could really take off if I were to go back and make adjustments so that there are lots of unknowns hanging out there. Thank you so much.

--K.L., Virginia      

I received your critique today. I have only scanned through your comments but can tell they are thorough and insightful. I look forward to digging in. I was able to absorb some areas that you felt needed much attention. I appreciate your candid remarks! That's why I hire the professionals. I have a thick skin and appreciate those who are put in the position of giving feedback to someone's creative expression.

--Jimi G., Richmond, VA      

Laurie, My novel Digger, Dogface, Brownjob, and Grunt has won two awards in the National Best Books 2009 Awards, sponsored by USA Book News. The news made me cry.

Best New Fiction/Best Literary Fiction

This is so cool... worth more than gold.

I am on my second rewrite of your edit and must say you are pretty darn sharp. It will take me through the holidays to get the manuscript back to you. The first part is much accelerated.

--Gary P., Bainbridge Island, WA      

I did something I've never done before. I signed myself up for an online writing website (wattpadd) and posted a little of the story you advised me about, below. I also entered it in NaNoWriMo--as to why, I probably was crazy during that time frame when I did it.

Low and behold, three days and three chapters later, my little story The Promise had climbed up the charts and is now #4 out of the thousands of romance novels at wattpad. Readers are hounding me for more.

Why am I telling you this?

Because I can't take all the credit--you have taught me everything I know. The critique you sent back to me last year had become my bible--and I worked my buns off to follow it and understand what you wanted me to do and to achieve. Have I mastered the craft? No. But I certainly see that with the right mentor and right guidance, it is quite possible.

Thank you, Laurie.

--Mary C., Rancho Cucamongo, CA      

I would like to tell you that you are literally making my dream come true.

--Bruhan N., Istanbul, Turkey      

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