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I’m an example of “it’s never too late to follow your dream.” When I contacted Laurie, I had just finished my first manuscript, MATILDA’S SONG, a medieval romance. I was in my late 50’s and needed to know if I had what it took to write a commercial novel. Laurie’s page-by-page critique told me what worked and what didn’t. By the time she was done, I knew I had what it took to create a good story, but I needed to learn more craft. Laurie’s feedback directed me to writing classes in pacing, dialog and GMC. I’m currently working on my sixth manuscript, with two sold. MATILDA’S SONG—about an Anglo Saxon woman with a life threatening secret that becomes revealed when she falls in love with a Norman baron—is now e-published and in paperback. This debut novel received four stars from RT Book Review, August 2009.

JoAnn Smith Ainsworth


I knew I had a unique story to tell but had no idea how to put it all together on paper. By a stroke of luck, I found Laurie Rosin, the Book Editor. I told her my story over the phone, and within days, under Laurie's direction, I was on my keyboard writing my memoir.

I know without Laurie I could not have written my story. Her expertise and support were amazing. She is an incredibly gifted woman who will take a story to whole new dimension, and when the dust clears, a book is born, edited and ready for press. Laurie, thank you.

--Jay Rankin, Author     
Under The Neon Sky     
A Las Vegas Doorman's Story

Thank you for the wonderful critique. I see how much better my project will be once I implement your suggestions.

--Crystal D., Los Angeles, CA      

Laurie Rosin is fantastic (a little clichčish, but true). She just critiqued my 1,100 page historical novel, and her work is worth two or three times more her fee.

She made corrections, observations and positive suggestions throughout the manuscript. Then she wrote a 126-page letter outlining where improvement was needed and ways to correct the shortcomings.

Her background is impeccable, and she's one intelligent lady. Plus, she has an exciting sense of humor. Each day as I rewrite she astounds me with her insight.

After returning my work, she has encouraged me to email her with any questions I might have for as long as I need her. That's dedication.

Grab this lady quickly. You'll be glad you did.

--Bob B., Waynesville, NC      

Laurie's page notes were extensive and helpful, and her comments indicated to me that she had read my manuscript thoroughly and more than once. Further, once I received the edited manuscript Laurie was available for email questions as she promised. From my experience I can say that I would recommend her without reservation.

--Charles H. , Redding, CT      

I received and read your critique and recommendations yesterday. I'm thoroughly pleased. Yes, your suggestions are a little overwhelming, but nothing I can't handle. I'm looking forward to digging into the manuscript again.

--Mike K., Wichita, KS      

About 10 years ago, I was given your name. I just asked who the best editor around was, and you were recommended. I don’t remember the agent's name right now. I sent you a longwinded retro-science-fiction piece. You returned the manuscript pretty well inked up, and your input and suggestions were terrific. It was clear you’d put in a monumental editing effort, so after that experience I did two things: (1) I decided to take a writing course(s) and (2) I made sure that if I ever wanted something of personal value edited, you’d be the person to contact.

--Wayne S., Brantingham, NY      

I have read and reread your critique, and I think that aiming to incorporate all of that valuable information has made my writing so much stronger than it was.

--C.H., Lawrence, KS      

I wish to thank your for the excellent work you've done to make my novel blossom from a weak attempt into a masterpiece.

--Robert A., Grand Island, NY      

Laurie, We are finalizing the proofs this weekend. It's all turned out great Thank you for your assistance. I'd like to include on the copyright page/versa/back of title page a line that says:

Edited by: Laurie Rosin

Do I have your permission to do so?

--Kipp V. C., St. Louis, MO      

I've gone through the critique once through. Great advice. I can actually get organized. I found the comments that you made very accurate and very helpful. Like you suggested, I've gone through it once and am letting all what you said sink in. I'll be going over the critique several times over, and I've got a lot to think about. And when I got your comments, wow, I was like, "Dude, I've killed this thing...but I can bring it back from the dead." It's exciting.

I appreciate your going through this process with me. Again, I've had a lot of time working on this project, several viewpoints on what I should do with the snippets I've created here and there. Trying to put everything together has been something new. Trying to listen to everyone's comments also has killed the plot. I've done too much, and yes, I will rearrange, put more backstory, and will actually have a plot. Now I have a mentor: you. And I have something practical and specific to start from.

I knew my story was in trouble. I knew I needed help and direction. Thanks for providing that. The second draft will be much better, but I think I'll need your help with the third as well. I hope you don't mind.

--Rachel B., Arroyo Grande, CA      

I wanted to let you know I just won a 'Finalist' award at the USA National Best Book 2010 Awards for memoirs. This is an award contest for both published and self-published authors. I'm also now working with a seasoned screenwriter putting together a pilot based on my story. The more time goes, the more I see your amazing talent. I know one day you and I will work together again.

--Jay R., Los Angeles, CA      

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