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The twilight sky was striped with long gray clouds when I saw the box gleaming by the front gate and knew it was from you. I've just started reading, but I am so happy. It's exactly what I'd hoped for, to walk in all those twisted alleys of my mind holding the hand of a wise friend who could have an objective view. I've just read to the second chapter and love your ideas. I'm eager to start. I'm glad you see my writing improving - I certainly am looking at the world with new "literature eyes." I'll try to take your advice about not rushing and letting things settle in, but it's going to be hard. I'm taking tomorrow off from real life to read your comments all the way through and try to absorb them both specifically and generally. The best news for me is that when I revise this draft (the green leaves will certainly be back on the trees by then) I can send the manuscript back to you for the next draft. Can I do it with the next draft too? I'm happy to pay whatever your fees are. I just feel we are on the same (corrected) page.

--Laura R., La Jolla, CA      

I've learned so much from your critique. I found it amazing how much you notice. I read through your critique a number of times. A novice writer can never imagine your attention to detail. I now see you are a required step to pique the interest of an agent and commercial publisher.

Thank you for the inspirational words! I’ve been at it night & day and believe I’m approaching a “tipping point” for success. With each passing week, I feel I’m one more milestone closer to finding my way, myself, my reason for being, and I thank you, Laurie, for being part of my journey. I love you, and what you represent, even though we’ve never met in person!

Thank you for all of your advice. It made a MAJOR impact. I'm ready to begin my rewrite.

--Gary W., Hammonton, NJ      

I really feel touched by the direction you’ve given me. This book is where it is because of you. Here’s the response I just received from the first person who read both versions:

Remember how I said I had a lot of questions after reading the first half of your original manuscript?                               I'd have to say your revision answered about 95% of them. I felt excited after reading your second draft!!                   TWO THUMBS UP!! I REALLY THINK U NAILED IT!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!

You’re the best, Laurie! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

--Gary W., Hammonton, NJ      

I received my manuscript and was amazed at your work on it. Thank you so much. I looked it over briefly first, just as you said to do. I am excited at the work ahead of me. I appreciate that we can continue to communicate as I get deep down and try to fix it. I really appreciate the hard copy with all your suggestions and notes; I prefer that. I am going to study your 77 pages of critique first and then tackle the book chapter by chapter. As I said, I am so excited to get at it. What you have done for me is such a help. As much as I thought I had done a good job, your honest and critique were necessary. You are very talented.

Throughout the process of getting my story into an acceptable and hopefully sellable book. I have gained a trusted good friend, and I thank you, Laurie Rosin, the best book editor in the country.

--Carla O., Custer, MI      

I received my manuscript today! I meant to email you earlier, but got too engrossed in reading your suggestions that I completely forgot about everything else. What can I say after reading all ninety-nine pages of your critique? Certainly not overwhelming but rather exciting! Thank you for saving me from ignorance and giving definite directions that are easy to understand. I feel like I have gone to creative writing school except I graduated in a day! (Or three hours, to be more specific.) I love the points you brought up and the suggestions you made to enhance my characters. Revising my manuscript may be a challenge to undertake, but it is a good one.

--Mary C., Rancho Cucamonga, CA      

I received my manuscript--and your delicious-looking critique--today. I can't wait to dive in, but rather than devour it like a gluttonous swine, I plan on tasting it...and slowly savoring your critique. And then employing your thoughts and criticisms, and writing the best novel I'm capable of writing.

Working with you has been a most pleasant experience; I wish I was a published author so that we could do this every year.

--Don N., Greenwood, S.C.      

I've read your critique daily, to let it "bake." Thank you for a comprehensive review of every word, sentence, and detail. I didn't realize a readability index even existed; the results of mine were astounding. My goal is to shorten the sentences without making it choppy and keep the numbers of characters per word at 4.6. Cool! An early reader book.

I'm glad you clarified I can send the finished version via e-mail for your evaluation. That gives me courage and the comforting sensation of a security blanket. Knowing you're there is a relief!!! I knew my writing needed professional help, Laurie, I just didn't realize the extent. My begging my Guardian Angels and Spirit Guide for someone to help finally happened. They guided me to you. You're kind and give difficult truths without attacking the writer. You make it easier to see mistakes. My revision might take longer than most clients. You've worked hard, now it's my turn. My intent is to make us both proud and produce a publishable product!!!

I'm starting the revision tonight. I'll jot down questions if they arise. There probably won't be many. You've made your instructions plain and simple. Now the flaws are blatantly obvious; and I've been given several solutions to each problem. You have a way of saying things without hurting a sensitive soul's feelings. That in itself is a special talent. I'm thankful we're teammates!!! I believe in me, and you do too! That's all I need.

--Nancy C., Otisville, MI      

I received your critique and notes yesterday. I read through them once and feel grateful for the care and interest you brought to my draft. You gave me a wealth of ideas and technical conventions to implement. All these suggestions and tools can only improve my novel. Your work exceeded my expectations. It is just what I need.

--Steve T., Lake Forest, IL      

I received the manuscript back today and read through your critique just now. I will read this again several times the rest of this week to let it sink in my aging brain. Meanwhile, I just wanted to send you a note of appreciation. The depth and scope of your review is more than I was expecting and your advice is insightful. I am confident that if I follow your guidance closely we will achieve what I originally intended. That is a book that simply reaches out to give people a helping hand out of the quicksand. Thank you for putting so much energy into your review. It jumps from your notes. I can hardly wait to get back to the re-writing of it but I am going to hold myself back until I have digested your comments a few more times. I’ll be in touch.

--Trevor B., Redmond, WA      

I've read your critique several times. My initial impression: You're worth every penny. You caught and analyzed a ton of things that were nagging at the back of my brain but I couldn't quite bring forward to conscious thought. I'm very glad that I found and committed to you, although as a result now the kids can't go through college. Just kidding!

I particularly appreciate your straightforwardness (is that a word?) and you made me laugh out loud several times when you'd say something like 'I don't buy this at all!'

--Loren D., Gig Harbor, WA      

I am very pleased with what you've given me especially with the technical aspect of the critique. In fact I love it. There are things in there that I never would have seen on my own and I plan to make it my mission to make your suggestions part of my natural writing techniques. Your feedback was amazing! I must have read it 50 times. There is so much you gave me that I never would have seen on my own.

--Craig M., Middlebury, MA      

I am honored to have met you and worked with you. Your responses to my emails and guidance got me through extremely demoralizing times. The manuscript carries so much hope and weight for me. I passed on job and business opportunities to focus on it. If the manuscript has a chance at success, it will be only because of you. You are amazing.

--Sam W., Charlotte, N.C.      

Thanks for helping me become a great writer! I've published again!

--James T., Gainesville, FL      

I'm proud to tell you that Don Kirshner: The Man With the Golden Ear will be published by Backbeat (Hal Leonard) March 6.

--Rich P., NYC      

Dear Laurie, I can't thank you enough for your instruction and assistance with my book. Working with you has been an enriching experience.

--Ben B., Rochester, MA      

First, your critique, as usual, is a God sent. I reviewed it while on my trip and I am so very grateful to God for sending you into my life.

I thank God for you, and I am so grateful for your insight, professionalism, and spirituality.

--Avalon B., Baltimore, MD      

It is wonderful when you reach out to the world, and the world hands you somebody awesome! You are a blessing in my life that I am truly grateful to have!

I received your critique in the mail yesterday. I'll admit I'm overwhelmed! I must also say the fates were with me when I finally decided on an editor, and I am truly grateful for your hard work and thoroughness. I have a lot to think about, to do, and to learn, but I remain determined.

Thank you so very much! Johnda

--Johnda, Morehead, KY      

I received your critique and notes last Friday. Thank you very much for your wonderful and very professional review. I found it very informative and useful to improve my material/fairy tale. I am very pleased with our teamwork and am definitely looking forward working with you on an ongoing basis. Thank you.

--Tatyana S., North Arlington, NJ      

As part of my immense gratitude for your invaluable assistance in making my book the best it could be, I want to share that yesterday I finally created my hardcover and softcover bar codes! For most, I suppose that is no big deal, but for me it was some sort of major milestone! I was so excited!

--Bob T., HI      

After reading your annotations and the full critique, I let  it sink in as you suggested. I then went through the entire manuscript and  made all the corrections from your copy-editing. Cross referencing the  technical critique while I did this was a huge help toward understanding where  I can really improve my style and skills. It¿s something I will refer to often  in the future.

--Craig M., Milbury, MA      

I just finished your critique.  I cannot sufficiently express how thankful I am to have you in this process, my only regret is that it wasn't sooner.

I apologize for my sloppy writing.  As I read the technical section of your critique I was embarrassed because I know the rules of writing, although they say lawyers are sometimes not the best writers, too verbose lol.

I thank God for you because with your guidance and expertise, I know I will be successful in publishing a good book. 

I ask that you keep me in your prayers this week. 

With love and admiration

--Avalon B., Baltimore, MD      

I received my children's story today.  You explained things so well that a beginner like me can understand.  Thank you for your precious time.

Your name and work will generate many praises from me. I have a coworker and friend who writes, and I have recommended that she contact you to have her work edited.

--Joe C., Frankfort, KY      

You were a perfect editor for me. I worked hard to follow your suggestions. I’m deeply appreciative of your help.

Your critique was comprehensive, instructive, and very much appreciated.

--David P., Baltimore, MD      

I received your package about one hour ago, opened it, and read it twice. Your artistry, professionalism, and help moved me to tears. You have exceeded my expectations in how well you "got me" and my vision.

--Ana-Maria F., Pomona, CA      

I am currently writing two books for John Wiley & Sons which will published late 2012, and March 2013. Thank you for all your help.

--Dr. Kellyann Petrucci, Yardley, PA      

I have completed marking up Chapters 1-3 with my red and blue pens.  (Red pen for changes to what's there, blue for insertions of new material.)

[ Real time aside:  As I typed the above line the fire alarm went off in the hotel.  My first thought was "I'm taking the manuscript with me." ]

I can feel it getting better with every change, and I'm becoming more excited about it as I go along.

--Loren D., Gig Harbor, WA      

The copy editing on hard copy, the technical editing section, and the whole critique. They were valuable beyond words.

I appreciate your directness and astute comments very much.  As a disinterested reader of my so-called literary efforts, I totally agree with your professional observations about lengthy insertions from other sources, such as "nobody's going to read this," or "write your own book."

Your notes about points of view are well-taken and show a lot of work, for which I am grateful.  I'm rewriting with "pov" programmed into my cerebral RAM.

Your other suggestions, too numerous to list, are taken seriously and with awe.  That is not hyperbole--just no other word fits.


--Karl K., Cedar Rapids, Iowa      

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