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Laurie, I just finished my first read through.

Thank you!

Thank you!

Thank you!

I am very pleased with your feedback. I will be immediately making more than 95% of your suggested edits before coming back for guidance on the rest.

I was worried that because you have not been exposed to or participated in some of the experiences I have had over the last twenty years, you would not be able to grasp certain points in the book, but there are very few places where this happened and I see you as an ideal editor for me because you represent a very knowledgeable, experienced version of my potential reader.

Your genius level insight that my chapter on enlightenment explaining the veils and illusions separating us from ultimate reality is mind-blowing to me. You’re right: this is the “why” for the rest of the book something I nor my early readers ever spotted.

--John H., Seattle, WA      

I received the manuscript yesterday afternoon and am reviewing your critique. I’m struck by your thoroughness and detailed comments. Thank you very much for your input to Joyce’s creation.

--Norman I., Johnson City, TN      

The manuscript and critique arrived on Monday but we were to busy I didn’t open it till this morning. Just a quick scan and I knew I had made a wise choice in asking you to help me.

--Charlie, Tempe, AZ      

How are you. I miss you and always grateful for your help in editing my book. Now it is published by Discovery Publisher in the title “The Power of Yi: Ancient Wisdom for a Better Life”.

--Dejun, Middle Island, NY      

Guess what? The paperback is live on Amazon.com! I’m waiting for the Kindle version to go live later today. It’s been so many years to get to this day. I owe you so much, I don’t know how I can thank you for your help and kindness over the years to reach my dreams.

--Kendal S., Alexandria, VA, author of Book of Mormon, Book of Lies      

I hope you’re doing well. I know you must be so busy since you are the world's #1 editor! Guess what? I'm going to be speaking to the Student Secular Society at George Washington University this month! This is my first speaking event!! Also, I've sold over 200 books via Amazon in less than a month, and sales are increasing as time goes on! You are the reason this is all happening :)

--Kendal S., Alexandria, VA, author of Book of Mormon, Book of Lies      

Now the book has 421 pages left. 104 pages were cut under your terrific edition. I can say, my manuscript like rough ball, and I put it on the level ground. Now, after you edited, the ball is round and smooth and you put it on the top of the hill and it is handed off. It rolls and rolls to the foot of the hill smoothly.

Learning from a talented editor like you is more than what I learned from writing in college. Thank you very, very much for what you have done for me and have a great day!

--Kevin L., St, Paul, MN      

I had to write you and thank for your incredible editing of my first manuscript. My "first" novel was entitled Reasons of the Heart. I am just now getting back to it. The delay was due to writing a second book, Hollywood the Hard Way, a Cowboy's Journey. It got a great review in Publishers Weekly, and soon after I was signed by Creative Artists Agency.

The success of that story brought me my next nonfiction, Coach Tommy Thompson & the Boys of Sequoyah, published by the University of Oklahoma Press. That book was a finalist in the 2010 Oklahoma Book Awards, nonfiction division.

I finished a novel, a political thriller titled The Indian's Daughter, published in 2011 by an independent publisher, Bitterroot Mountain Publishing.

And now I'm getting back to the novel you edited. I am so enjoying the rewrite process because I have your letter and the original edited manuscript with your notes.

So consider this a way-tardy thank you. I can now finish what I started 16 years ago. I've been a member of The Authors Guild since 1998. My website www.pattianndickinson.org is part of their site.

Your website is wonderful--not at all surprising after such an inspiring and stellar career. Sincere kudos to you!

--Patti Dickinson, Santa Maria, CA      

I finished going over your editorial notes last night. What a great job you did. Some punctuation usage I was up in the air on you resolved for me, asked instead of said and comma after said in all cases with following actions. There are a number of other things that your great style of editing answered my questions about. I pushed the limits of what I understood about good use of POV and you showed me what works and what doesn't.

To keep this short, I'll just say again thanks for the great help. I'm looking forward to chewing on your critique.

--Timothy W., Olympia, WA      

I received your remarks regarding Treading Quicksand today. Thank you very much for your honesty.

I wrote that story two years ago, and I didn't do anything with it. I didn't like it, but I didn't know why. (Now I do because of your observations.) Recently I let a few fellow playwrights read it, and they loved it. (What does that tell you?)

Anyway, I felt I may have been wrong about it, and so I sent it to you. Your comments on how to fix it are great. I intend to work on doing that in the future. Your time wasn't wasted.

--Jeff S., Austin, TX      

I was very pleasantly surprised to read what you had done. It was very relevant, respectful, and super. You allowed me to keep my words and mood and figured out how to make them shine. I am really impressed.

I have worked with editors in the past, and usually they butcher my concepts. You supported them! Thank you. I have lost all fear of finalizing the text and as soon as my workload reduces enough to allow me long stretches of time with a clear mind, I shall dive into it.

--Robert C., Gainsville, Florida      

You have done an amazing job, and I thank you so much for it! I am so glad that I followed my heart and my answered prayers to choose you as an editor!

--Dee C., Castle Creek, NY      

So glad we are working together again. You did a lot of work with my first book, which has gone on to good sales.

--Dr. Jama C., San Francisco, CA      

I can't remember where I heard this saying, but it went something like this: the first draft of a manuscript, the author writes for himself. The second draft is for his readers. I can see where I've written this story to entertain myself. Now, utilizing your notes, I will write for my readers.

--Karen H., Cancun, Mexico      

I just opened your package. I am overwhelmed by my own excitement. My husband finds your skills and insight amazing. I plan to take it all in and, once digested, will begin the editing process. Thank you so very, very much.

--Mariann C., Davis Island, SC      

Once again, many thanks. You have helped me to take a story that is in my heart and put it to paper. You are truly blessed.

--Sara K., Fort Lee, NJ      

I've read through your critique once, and its thoroughness is impressive. My first thought, however, was "forget it!" Laurie has shown me that I'm not an author, so let's just forget the whole thing and get on with living. At least I'll stop wasting my time. But then little thoughts and later bigger ideas started rummaging around in my head even as I tried to deny them. I began to see what you were so slyly doing. Your positive approach and constructive criticism were generating the very subconscious thoughts that you knew would start rummaging around in my brain. I went from "the hell with it" to excitement about the possibilities. I will reread everything you sent and then begin the process of re-plotting, developing detailed character sketches, and above all putting away preconceived notions.

--Hans K., Albuquerque, NM      

It has been many years since I have contacted you. You edited a "coming of age" novella of mine called Mike's Journal. It won in the Memoirs category of the Florida Writers Association Royal Palm Literary Awards in 2003. I wrote it under my pen name Donaldson Jensen. I am starting a new project and would like your help structuring it before I begin to write.

--Carl B., Jacksonville, FL      

You were always fantastic to work with and provided some stellar content while I was at Writers Digest. It was always a pleasure!

--Zachary Petit, former Senior Managing Editor, Writers Digest, FW Media      

Thanks for your helpful suggestions regarding my sixteen-year-old granddaughter's interest in the editing field. It was kind of you to take time from your busy schedule to respond. I've passed the information to her.

Sarah and I have decided to tackle a joint rewrite of the Mars Mellow saga you edited a few years ago, implementing the treasured suggestions from the "Rosin Bible". All the penned notations you've put into a communicating guidance, page after page, are housed in the manual's plastic sleeves. It's a thick "notebook" chockful of assistance for the aspiring writer.

--Wayne S., Watertown, NY      

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