Working with a professional editor can be intellectually stimulating and a lot of fun. I promise to evaluate your project honestly and sensitively, in a way that encourages and promotes your growth as a writer. We become teammates. (In fact, I have worked with several full-time authors for over a decade.)

     My record in the literary marketplace is outstanding--and that's the most important reason to work with me. I offer advice and direction you can trust. I've edited thirty-eight national best sellers and have had over fifty million copies in print with Bantam alone. A percentage of my work comes from New York agents who retain me to fine-tune their clients' manuscripts before submission to publishers. I never pay referral fees; agents come to me because, as one of them told a client, "Laurie Rosin is the best editor in the industry."

     I have more than thirty years' experience with every type of project imaginable, fiction and nonfiction. I can offer you assistance that is usually reserved for established authors. You will grow as a writer and gain an enormous advantage over the competition.

     When I read your manuscript, I write notes in the margins to point out when you've come up with a particularly effective or descriptive phrase or evoked an emotional response, so you can build on your strengths. I'll also indicate areas that need improvement--such as inconsistent narrative point of view, anachronisms, sudden change of voice, misspellings, subject-verb errors, split infinitives, dangling participles, pronoun-antecedent inconsistencies, and so on. I'll not only point out what needs to be done, I'll explain how to go about it. When you revise your manuscript, you'll be able to work page by page, directly from my notes.

     For the broader strokes, I'll prepare a critique that usually runs thirty to sixty single-spaced pages, depending upon the range of assistance your work requires. If you've written a fiction project, the critique will focus on authorial concerns such as plot, characterization, setting, theme, dialogue, scene framing, whether you've begun the book in the right place and ended it appropriately, and so on. Are you are a nonfiction writer? I'll tell you if you need to include further research, provide more detailed explanations and case studies, or make your tone more personal for your intended audience. Both fiction and nonfiction critiques include lessons for any skills you need to learn, supported by examples from your text.

     I offer explanations and suggestions to make your project richer and more marketable. Bringing your work to a higher level of professionalism with the ultimate goal of selling it is the whole point.

     Each critique is created anew for every author and is detailed, specific, and helpful. As one of my clients remarked, "My manuscript became the textbook for a writing tutorial. I can't believe how much I learned!" Your manuscript will be transformed before your eyes as you revise it using my instructions. This is very exciting and gratifying for both of us!

     I can give you an exact quote for my editorial fee if you call me with your project's word count.

     In the name of fairness, I schedule my work on a first-come, first- served basis. You may reserve my time by sending me a check or money order for my editorial fee. I won't deposit your funds until I'm about to begin reading, and before I cash your check, I'll notify you. (International clients may wire funds to my account.) As soon as I receive your project and a money order or check, I will add you to my calendar. Yes, I do have a waiting list, but if you are serious about your writing, you'll want to work with me.

     Feel free to e-mail me with your questions.

My best to you,

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More than 50 million copies in print
Writing Fellow, National Endowment for the Humanities

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